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If you have just bought a house and do not know where to start, here are the first 5 purchases you should make before opening your new home.

1. Television
Television is one of the essential purchases to have a living room in operation. To choose well we have to take into account the measurements of our living room and above all, the distance at which it will be from the sofa. If we buy a television that is too large, the image will not be able to be seen well if the sofa is placed at a short distance.
Another tip to choose a good television is to be up to date with the latest technologies that incorporate the new models so that the television that we buy does not become obsolete in a short time.

2. Dining table
Depending on the space you have in your living room or if you have a separate dining room, as well as the members that you are at home, you will have to choose the size of the table to eat. For example, if you are a large family but do not have much space, you can use the extendable dining tables.

3. Sofa
After bed, where we usually spend the most time at home is the sofa, so this will also be a very important purchase. The sofas that are sold the most right now are chaise longues and the truth is that they are very practical and comfortable.

4. Mattress
If you don't like sleeping on the floor, the mattress is one of the essentials from minute zero. Poor sleep can negatively affect our health and our day-to-day life, so it is essential to choose a good mattress that allows us to rest properly. A good mattress is a safe investment. 
We recommend choosing a mattress suitable for your needs.
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