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Currently you can get several models of basketball hoops:

Basketball backboards with base In this type, two models can be differentiated, these are:

1- Fixed: These are fixed to the ground, so if you are looking for a resistant and durable model; this will be your best option. They come with adjustable heights so that they can accommodate the sizes of different types of players.

2- Portable: These have wheels, so that it is easy to move them anywhere. The stands can vary in size and capacity, although some have height adjustments, so the smallest could use these as well.

Basketball hoops and wall pattern

This type of basket only has the hoop and does not have any support post. These are fixed to the wall, some are adjustable and some are not. The positive thing about this model is that they have excellent quality and are perfect for courts with limited space.

Aspects to take into account before purchasing a basketball net:

Post height

It is important that it has an adjustable pole, so that you can adapt it to the size of your little one. Now, if you buy a board that can be glued to the wall, you should not have so many problems, since it can be placed at the height you want.

Resistant materials

This is an important factor, because the little ones almost never take into account that they must take care of their toys or materials. It is important that you purchase a board that is resistant to shocks, so that it will not break or be damaged on the spot.

Hoop size

You should look for a hoop that is suitable for inserting balls of average size. Normally when buying a basketball hoop, it comes with balls included, so you don't have to look for them separately.

Basket type

Boards that are glued to the wall or hooked to doors are usually the best options for the little ones. In the same way, it will depend on the taste of your child.


That it has wheels on the base, would make it perfect for your little one, since he will most likely want to take it everywhere. Modern models have this type of wheels, so it will not be difficult to find one.

Deposit base

The bases of this style allow to establish better stability in the post, this so that they do not fall with strong winds or every time the ball hits it. Normally, you can add a hose to it, so it would not be difficult to add water.

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