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Children's rooms 2022! The funniest!

Children's rooms 2022 satisfy eyes even with the simplest details!
The bedroom is your baby's first home. And the space that welcomes you into the world should boast a welcoming, relaxing and fun atmosphere full of wonders. Of course, it should also be functional and comfortable for you. So the following unique ideas, examples, and tips will facilitate and guide your own decorating process.

Highlights: non-trivial geometric figures, bright thematic accents, sometimes wild rustic, industrial and high-tech objects - all this takes on cute childish charm.

Most popular hardwood flooring, often stained gray. It is elegant and ecological. If frequent cleaning isn't scary for you, you can try elegant white hardwood flooring.
Cartoon rug with pock marks might be appropriate in a play area, but not suitable for relaxing and sleeping.

Walls in pastel shades will be a good background for bright and dark furniture and accessories.

However, you must be careful when choosing a completely light palette; Room can turn out too cold and official, or even completely lifeless gray.
It will be ultra trend if you combine two colors for walls. For example, two neighboring walls painted in dark blue or emerald, the rest - in white.

For the baby, the crib, the changing table, a wardrobe, a shelf and an armchair or rocking chair are enough for the person who takes care of the child. Choose adaptable furniture. It may seem expensive but in the long run it is cheaper since it prevents you from having to buy more furniture after a short time. Make sure the closet is well organized and accessible, children are happiest when they can find their favorite things easily.
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