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Drywall, a good option

When you build or remodel a home, you have many decisions to make. Some, like the color of the paint and the fabric of the curtains, are easily changed when you get tired of them. Other decisions, like what building material to use for the walls, are much more permanent, so it's important to consider options before making a choice. One of those options is drywall or durlock. The Drywall construction system can be used in all kinds of projects,both residential, commercial, industrial and institutional, whether in new works, remodeling or extensions. You can make an entire prefab house in drywall.

Depending on the structure and the type of plate to be used, the system is also suitable for ceilings, interior and exterior partitions, veneers, floating facades, eaves and ducts for pipes, false columns, etc.

Provides great flexibility to the designer in terms of shapes and designs. It adapts to any shape or dimension.

Retrofits and changes are much easier than traditional systems, especially in time and cost.

Drywall offers the designer control of the level of protection against fire, depending on the design requirements.

One of the reasons this is a popular option for many is its low cost. It is an affordable material that can be used in home construction.

These materials can be easily bought on the market. If you need to replace a panel or sheet, it won't be difficult to find a replacement that matches the previous panels. Quick to install. With drywall, complete walls can be built in just one day, with a finish very similar to that of any type of material wall. It is said to be 5 to 8 times faster to apply than traditional methods.

Due to the characteristics of the Drywall construction, 80% of the material can be recovered to be used again when cutting the plates.

It allows you to maintain each environment with its own temperature, avoiding energy losses in places with air conditioning or heating thanks to its thermal conductivity of 0.38 KCal / mhºC.

The Drywall System is dimensionally stable. It does not expand or contract with changes in temperature or humidity. It is immune to fungus Moths. The steel of the structure does not rust. Its surface comes with a protective zinc or galvanized coating that guarantees a long life.

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