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Furniture Abroad

When it comes to outdoor furniture, choosing a resistant material will take away a lot of headaches. Teak is one of the hardest woods and withstands inclement weather very well. In addition, it is impregnated with a natural resin that, when in contact with air, oxidizes and gives it a beautiful grayish hue.

One tip: if you are not going to use your garden or terrace furniture during a good season, you should keep them stored. Once you have cleaned them well, you can fold them up and store them in your shed or garage, or leave them in place covered with special protective covers made of waterproof material.

To remove dirt and debris that sneak between the fibers, it is best to clean them with a brush or dry brush. They are then wiped with a cloth moistened with a mild soap and water solution, rinsed and dried. Avoid using too much water, because it can soften the fibers.

Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent dirt from becoming encrusted in excess, as natural fibers do not withstand harsh or abrasive treatments. If the paint does break, sand it with a very soft sandpaper and touch up with paint or varnish, as appropriate.

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