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How to protect wood outdoors

Protecting the wood of furniture or floors outdoors is essential to prevent it from deteriorating with the passage of time and the seasons. The outdoor spaces should not be forgotten during the times of the year that we use them less, because the lack of care will greatly affect the conservation of the wood. So that the furniture and the floor of our terraces or patios are not damaged, it is necessary to protect the exterior wood with the appropriate products, thus we will ensure that they are kept in perfect condition and we will save money.

Tropical woods such as ipé or teak are highly appreciated for outdoor use both in furniture and flooring because they are very dense, which makes them hard and resistant. They withstand inclement weather such as rain, sun, temperature changes and wind very well, but that does not mean that we have to install them and forget about them completely. If we want them to be preserved as the first day and not acquire a dull and somewhat dry appearance, they need adequate maintenance so that they do not deteriorate. The advantage? This maintenance is quite simple and the beauty of the wood makes up for the little time that we will have to dedicate annually to its care.

Probably the best known option are wood varnishes, which apply an exterior film that protects it from bumps or scratches. There are specific varnishes for exterior use, which are more elastic and incorporate an ultraviolet ray filter to prevent the wood from drying out and discoloring. It is common to see furniture in which the varnish has cracked due to exposure to the sun and rain, but if we use a specific varnish for exterior we will not have any of these problems. Although you can apply them to any surface, we like them better for furniture. You can apply them with a brush and achieve different finishes depending on the varnish is glossy, matte or satin.

Another very effective treatment for tropical woods is teak oil, which we recommend applying every 3 or 4 months for the first years and spacing the frequency over time as the wood becomes more impregnated with the oil. Teak oil enters these pores and waterproofs the wood to make it more resistant. How do you have to apply the oil? Clean the dust and dirt from the wood with water and apply the oil with a soaked cloth, sponge or brush (you can use a roller for large surfaces) following the grain of the wood.

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