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Ideas To Renovate The Bathroom

1. Choose neutral and light colors, colors like white and beige are perfect for small spaces because they will help you look more illuminated. Furthermore, these colors are recommended if you want to create an environment that invites relaxation, such as spas. And if you are looking for a more sober and neutral appearance, without a doubt these are the most suitable shades. 2. Keep it simple, another great tip to avoid saturating the space is to choose pieces with simple lines for the sink and the toilet. In addition to not visually overloading the space, they will also help you give your bathroom a sophisticated touch. 3. Showers that stand out, choose tiles with a design of your choice and combine it with the color of the rest of the walls. This will give a greater sense of depth to the space. Choose a type of coating or tile that matches the other colors of the bathroom and creates a unique and avant-garde style. 4. Take care of the proportions, there is an important relationship between the dimensions of the bathroom furniture and its size. It should be wide enough to be functional, but it should never interrupt free passage. Here the rule is simple, take care that the furniture you choose is neither too big to hinder, nor too small to be of little use. 5. Light the space well, good lighting, natural or artificial, is the key to any decoration and more in small spaces, in addition, it will help you highlight the details on tiles and other pieces. 6. Change bathtub curtains for glass partitions. It is very fashionable and is usually a good solution to keep the bathrooms cleaner. 7. Renew the vanity and bathroom furniture. Today there are very nice options of super practical vanities, which even come with a sink, and help you modernize your bathroom and make better use of space. 8. Change the sink and faucet. Both the faucets and the tap change a lot over the years. Sometimes these small changes are enough to give the bathroom a much more modern look.


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