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Interior Decoration 2022: Materials most used!!!

Materials can be very powerful if we decide to have the upper hand when decorating a house. In fact, it is possible to use a material as a decorative element both in isolation (a wall, behind the sofa ...) or with a great prominence, wrapping the entire space (floors, walls and ceilings).

Wood is the most used material this year for interior design. It is combinable with everything and applies to each of the styles described above.

It is important to note that dark wood is the one that is most in trend for decoration since it denotes a modern environment. To make a contrast you can combine it with pieces of metal or glass. Among other materials, the following stand out:

Terrazzo: This material is still one of the most used since last year. Over time, terrazzo has been modified and can be applied to floors and especially in kitchen design.

Natural and warm: As the idea is to replace the cold and bring warmth to the environment, wood, clay and wicker are three indicated materials.

Brown leather: Brown leather is in fashion for some furniture such as sofas and armchairs. Go for bronze and cognac shades, as they are perfect for a living room.

Terracotta in tiles: Terracotta brings warm in places such as walls, floors or fireplaces.

Cork: This material is perfect for the manufacture of furniture and wall cladding. In addition to making the environment warm, it gives it a very interesting texture.

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