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Gazebos are open structures, they do not have any type of vertical enclosure that limits them, thus allowing air to circulate freely, the most important element of the gazebo is the cover, which is what must protect both from the rain and from the sunlight.
There are some options for you to find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

The folding gazebos are made with resistant materials and covering, which allows them to be used outdoors; the assembly of the same is easy and simple being carried out in just minutes.
Pergolas, these are usually a good option when decorating a garden, they are available in different types such as treated wood, aluminum or steel, each material with different resistance levels and with styles that suit your needs.
There is also the articulated Gazebo with walls included, metal structures and easy-to-assemble polyester or canvas cover, this type of gazebo is resistant to the sun, however it is not suitable for use on the beaches or exposure to strong winds or rain.
Like this one in Garden, they can be wide enough to take advantage of the garden. This gazebo must be very resistant to external agents such as sun or rain; since they are generally placed at the beginning of the season and not disassembled until the end of the season.
For Terraces, the gazebos for terraces can be built with materials resistant to the climate for which it will be exposed, taking into account that these are usually displayed as part or addition to a house.
Some advantages that its use brings are:
-Elegance, in your garden it brings a really elegant appearance. It is a complement to outdoor furniture that is becoming more and more essential in houses that have a terrace.

-Privacy, they are perfect to achieve privacy, it protects you from the prying eyes of the neighbors. You will have privacy to sunbathe, read, eat.

-Sense of freshness, if you live in a hot area, it will protect you from the sun and heat on the most intense days of summer.

-They help to take care of the outdoor furniture, the humidity from the rain and the sun's rays is what most deteriorates the outdoor furniture. A pergola will help you extend the life of your garden furniture.
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