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Tips for a faster and easier move

1. Before packing, please clean.
Get rid of everything that you no longer like or will not want. There is no point in taking unnecessary things with you.

2. Equip yourself well.
Whether you are going to make the move yourself or if you have hired a company, you need boxes to store your things. Although you can look for them in supermarkets and stores, the most comfortable thing is to buy them.

3. Don't empty certain drawers.
Leave all the clothes or not heavy objects inside the drawers and limit yourself to protecting the furniture.

4. Store soft items in garbage bags.
It is one of the best ideas during a move. Fill sturdy garbage bags with soft items such as duvets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. and use them to fill free gaps in the truck.
5. Paint before you move in. If you have decided to give your new space a coat of paint, do not hesitate: do it before putting all your things. Also, if there are other tasks of this style on your list (changing floors, for example), try to carry them out before you move. You will save time, inconvenience and effort once you have moved.
6. Count on having to make new purchases. Each house has its peculiarities and consequently, surely, you will need some new things. For example, maybe your old kitchen had a huge island with plenty of space to prepare food and even stools to enjoy breakfast, but the new one has a large empty space right in the middle that screams for a portable island or a office table and chairs.
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