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Tips for decorating a terrace

Regardless of the size of your terrace, we give you some ideas to help you make the most of the space and decorate in your style.

VERY small terrace

If your terrace is very small and you feel that there is no way to decorate it to use it, do not worry as there are many options to get the most out of it.

Here are some tips that may help you:

- Adapt hanging furniture to the railing, such as a small folding table or a long bar for drinks.

- If your terrace is a little bigger, add some folding furniture to be able to store them if you need to free up space.

- Light furniture will be your new favorites when decorating outdoor spaces as they give a feeling of spaciousness to the space. Try cannage furniture or puffs that are easy to move.

- Add touches of color to attract attention to the terrace and expand the place, a great option is to place plants that fill with life.


Small terraces are the most common and are often left unfurnished or turned into storage for things that are not used.

- Design sets with small furniture to create a relaxation area with coherence and the perfect size for your terrace.

- Try Acapulco chairs, puffs and even a small dining room.

- Add an outdoor mat to divide spaces and create a defined outdoor area.

- Play with plants and hanging pots to add different levels to the space.

- Keep in mind that the distribution of the furniture is very important when decorating, so you need to decide what will be the correct way to order it before buying it.

medium terrace

Medium-sized terraces are often used as patios and are forgotten; however, they are perfect for enjoying the sun and fresh air during the summer.

- If your terrace is a bit forgotten, the first thing you have to do is get a dining set that suits the space.

- The space on the medium terraces can be "filled" in a minimalist way so as not to clutter the space.

- Separate the furniture and install small side tables so everyone has a place for their drinks.

- If your terrace is a little larger, install lights and lamps to create a cozy atmosphere during the afternoon and evening.

- For medium-sized terraces, it is also possible to create unique spaces, such as an outdoor video room, a place for sunbathing with lounge chairs or a dining room with a barbecue to entertain during the summer. The most important thing is that you decide how you want to use it. that terrace.

large terrace

Large terraces are not so common but without a doubt, they are a challenge when it comes to decorating since it can be overwhelming, but these tips are ideal and really functional.

- Divide your terrace into zones to be able to furnish and decorate easily, you can create a dining room and an outdoor living room and even place a jacuzzi.

- Play with the vegetation on your terrace to add personality and color to the space. Create a large vegetable garden or design a vertical garden.

- The outdoor armchairs will be your best allies to decorate large terraces since they fill the space and are great decorative elements that you can fill with blankets and cushions to add a spatial touch.

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