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In October, the seasonal change is intensely felt and the atmosphere brings with it a latent longing for the festivities and traditions that are yet to be celebrated. The colors, the weather and the festivities are aspects of this time of year that influence and mark the style and aesthetics of the decorative trends - both exterior and interior - of homes. Although the celebration of Halloween and Day of the Dead make for a fun, spooky and dark atmosphere, but also colorful, it does not mean that the only ornaments that can adorn your home during this season are skulls, bats and ghosts.
Tonalities are one of the most characteristic elements of the season, because both in the deco for Halloween and for the Day of the Dead, a selection of specific ranges predominate, which are orange, yellow and purple.
This season is the perfect excuse to gather all your candlesticks and candles - aromatic or normal - and distribute them in the different areas of your house. Whether in the dining room, on a coffee table or in your hall, the lighting of the candles will be the key element to create the atmosphere of autumn, Halloween and Day of the Dead.
Bringing natural elements and textures into the home has been one of the hottest design trends in 2021, and fall provides plenty of opportunities to experiment. Dried or fresh greenery and flowers can add natural pops of seasonal color throughout the home.
Depending on the style and atmosphere of your preference, you can choose from a wide catalog of ornaments. Orange tablecloths, leaf-shaped cup holders or a centerpiece with pumpkins and pine cones are some options for a more discreet and stylish look. Small skulls, ornaments with spider motifs or old vintage tablecloths will be your ideal option if you are looking for a more ad hoc Halloween theme.
The convenient thing about garlands is their variety in styles, shapes and colors. This decoration can be both a DIY project and something you can buy. Hanging on a wall or on the edge of a table, these will give an extra touch and highlight the decoration of your home.
There is no decorative element more appropriate and indicated for this time of year than pumpkins. And the options are endless: from real orange to fake, colorful or classic, textured or soft, natural or synthetic. With them you can experiment and have fun grouping them in different ways or you can place them as individual pieces.
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