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The kitchen of 2022 breaks stereotypes and old decorative 'corsets',  seeking greater flexibility, allowing it to adapt to new times with furniture and solutions tailored to the situation.

Taking into account that the kitchen is the second room in the house, the one that is reformed the most, getting it right with its transformation is important, both at a functional and decorative level.

Therefore, above all it should be a meeting place for family members, but also for visitors. It must be designed and equipped to be enjoyed from Monday to Sunday, adding to its main function, others such as a workplace, a table for a special weekend meal or a game room with the little ones in the house.

When designing modern kitchens, concepts such as social kitchen, ecological kitchen, chef's kitchen and also the idea of personalized kitchen are handled. That is to say that not only do the trends imposed by professionals count, but space is left for personal creativity, one trusts more in one's own taste and in the combination of objects and styles to create a unique and original space.
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