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1. Clean your wooden furniture every day

Even if you don't see it, your furniture collects dirt every day from dust. Caring for wooden furniture involves cleaning it every day. If you allow dirt to build up, they can become dingy and can even form stains. It won't take long to wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth to remove the dust from the day.

2. To take care of your wooden furniture, protect it from the sun and water

This seems obvious, but over time the sun dries out the wood and causes it to shrink, causing cracks that later cause the furniture to spoil. Water also causes wood to warp. However, you should not only protect them from "not getting wet" but rather that the place where you are is not very humid. Moisture can cause wood to crack and soften.

3. Remove them from heat sources

The reason is very simple and has to do with what we mentioned in the previous section. The heat will cause the wood to shrink and spoil.

4. Move them away from the air conditioner

Wooden furniture fades if it is also in constant contact with air. Remove them from anywhere there is a constant air conditioner or draft.

5. Use ammonia-free cleaning supplies

Read the labels on wood cleaners carefully and make sure they are free of ammonia. Although it is advertised to clean wooden furniture, in the long run, ammonia will deteriorate the furniture, taking away its shine and color. We recommend that you instead opt for non-abrasive cleaners.

6. Use paste wax

Make sure to remove all dust from your furniture first before proceeding with the wax. Then apply it evenly using a fiber cloth or blanket. If you do this once a week, you will have furniture with its original appearance for many years.

7. Don't put hot containers on them

There are insulators or cloths to place the hot containers on the wooden table. If you put them directly, you will cause a stain on the wood. Unless you sand and varnish the damaged surface again, the stain will not disappear.

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