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Vayeyo's Tips for decorating small kitchens

Tip 1: Add storage furniture

Storage furniture does not usually take up much space, it is also visually light and easy to assemble. With them you can complement the ones in your kitchen, use them for dishes or as a cupboard.

Tip 2: Take up all the available space

In Homy you can find very simple shelves, and that you can install perfectly on the side surface of a piece of furniture. In this way you will gain space without sacrificing any drawer or shelf.

Tip 3: Keep the counters clear

For this, you can help yourself with some boxes or baskets. In them put utensils or jars. The counters will look cleaner and more organized.

Tip 4: Occupy the roof

Have you thought about hanging any wood from the ceiling? You can do it with some chains and hooks, this will create the ideal surface to hang pots, pans, ladles or whatever you want.

Tip 5: Get organized

Use plastic boxes, trays that allow you to create different heights, glass jars or baskets. All these alternatives are useful when organizing your furniture. In this way you will know where everything is, it will be easier to find them and maintain order.

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