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1. The choice of boxes is key

Perhaps you think that a box is a box and That they are all the same, but the reality is very different. In fact, this advice is of vital importance since it is about choosing those boxes that have adequate resistance.

The key when transporting objects is to select the ideal box according to the size of the objects to be transported and their weight. Therefore, we will have to make a certain provision of boxes of different sizes.

2. Label the boxes

One of the benefits of cardboard moving boxes is that they can be written on. A fact that we will have to take advantage of to put order within the entire process. Do not lose control during the move and have each of the objects located.

With a simple marker we will be able to identify what belongings we have in each box. Not only will everything be easier but, once we reach our destination, we will be able to unpack everything more clearly.

3. Organize

Gather your supplies: sturdy cardboard boxes, large garbage bags, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, stickers, and markers.

4. Plan by rooms

Living room, bathroom, bedroom ... (you can use a color for one) and put codes (1, 2, 3 ...) to indicate what needs to be unpacked first and what to expect. Specify what is in each box,

even if it takes longer, then you will appreciate it. Label the boxes on all four sides and at the top. Thus, when they arrive at their destination, each one will go to the correct room.

5. Watch out for fragile objects

Whether you make the move on your own or if you put yourself in the hands of professionals, there are pieces that, either due to their economic or sentimental value, it is preferable to transport yourself.

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