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1- Make your desk as practical as possible. You can have a filing cabinet under there. Make sure your desk is longer than it is wide, as this will take up less space.

2- For the painting of the walls, choose a light color that calls the light, such as white or cream. If the place looks very monochromatic, you can paint a wall in a strong color, such as yellow; this color has many shades and is very bright.

3- One way to make the space look more pacious is to have a lot of natural light. That the office has a large window through which a lot of light falls, is perfect to create the idea of ​​spaciousness.

4- The shelves are very useful to organize the things you need. On vertical shelves with many divisions you can place papers, filing sheets, ornaments, office supplies, etc. You always have to save a space to place the earrings.

5- File cabinets with many vertical drawers are also an excellent help when you want to save space. In them you can store your papers and everything you need without taking up space in the rest of the office.

6- Make sure that the lighting comes from dichroics or fluorescent lights inserted into the ceiling. This will save space, since you will not need to put hanging lamps; These make the space look more crowded and therefore smaller.

7- If you want to have chairs, try to make them foldable so that you can keep them when you don't need them. This idea is very practical, in addition, folding chairs can be found in various modern models and colors.

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