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Vayeyo Tips: Assembling a Basketball System

Using proper lifting techniques when moving the unassembled box containing your basketball system. These systems can be heavy and awkward while in the box.

  1. Thoroughly read the instruction manual paying special attention to all warnings.

  2. Write your model number on the manual in space provided and retain for future reference after completing the assembly process. (Receipt should also be retained.)

  3. Make sure you have all the proper tools available to assembly the system.

  4. Make sure sand or water, for the ballast, is available before beginning the assembly process.

  5. Remove all parts from the box and using the parts list make sure all parts are present before beginning the assembly process. If parts are missing please contact the place of purchase to obtain a missing part.

  6. As stated in the manual, certain holes need to be reamed out using a bolt, clearing excess paint for a proper fit.

  7. Typically two capable adults are required to properly assemble a basketball system. In some cases, more people may be needed. Please refer to the safety instructions.

  8. Do not allow children to adjust goal height.

  9. If you have a clear board option, make sure you peel the protective film from the board surface before assembling the Rim.

  10. Do not over adjust the height of your goal. This may cause damage to your system height adjustment lift.

  11. When assembling poles, make sure they are properly marked before assembly and it is very important that the poles not be over assembled or over swaged.

  12. Do not overtighten fasteners.


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