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Stimulating yellows, pinks and greens blend well and complement and pair perfectly with the Blueberry color.

This colorful and cheerful palette is soft and bright, perfect for reinventing the home and defining multifunctional spaces. With colors that complement each other, they make the space fun and functional.

Likewise, nature is claimed as a source of inspiration for life, and there is no doubt that it benefits our health, in addition to being revitalizing and calming. Thus, colors are imposed for a soft and natural home: fresh greens and blues can connect any environment with nature and help us feel its positive effects. Gray Jeans, Gravel Mine, Winter Silence, Alcaucil Leaf, among others. And fresh, natural hues, like light shades of green, gray, and blue.

Complementing pale pinks, reds and oranges help transform any space into a relaxing retreat. Subtle and inspiring, they help us recharge our batteries and escape from our daily routine. Touch of Harmony, Fencing, Gray Fog, Touch of Brown, among others.

The tones that attract comfort are pink, red and orange that turn any space into a small sanctuary.

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