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10 Steps that will help us when making our move.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The time to move is the beginning of a new adventure full of excitement for our new life and mixed feelings for the memories we leave behind. But the reality of the moment is that it is an arduous and delicate task.

It is important to have established the steps to follow to ensure that our belongings are packed, transported and organized in the proper way.

1 - Get rid of everything you don't need.

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of everything that you accumulate at home and you don't really know what use it is.

Remember that the fewer boxes you take to your new home, the more time and money you will save, not only in transportation, but also in the placement of things in the new home.

2 - Make a list of everything you are going to move.

Take into account that moving companies ask you for a list of furniture in order to give you a quote.

3 - Evaluate your budget.

Get a quote from different moving companies and compare which one suits you.

4 - Define the date you want to move.

If you have more time you can better plan your move and you will have more time to pack your things. Do not forget to schedule the date with those who plan your move in advance.

5 - Pack a suitcase for each member of the family several days in advance.

Include things that you will need the last days in your home and the first days in your new home, in this way what you need will be at your fingertips.

6 - Make sure you put everything that belongs to a room in labeled boxes and bags.

This will make it easier to identify where to put them when downloading.

7 - Use some clothes to wrap fragile objects.

Packing our most fragile objects does not have to be a science and can be done with whatever we have on hand, but always keeping in mind that handling and transfer can be a little heavier than we think.

8 - Pack the cleaning utensils last, since you will need them in your new home.

Make sure you have your cleaning supplies on hand, it may be that you need them last minute or that

an unforeseen event occurs during the move

9 - Tell professionals about what are fragile things, in this way they will be more careful in loading, accommodating and unloading them.

Visibly highlight fragile boxes and make sure to communicate to your moving company the importance of it to obtain a more delicate and adequate handling of these

10 – Let the professionals do their job.

They load, accommodate and unload things from the truck, if something breaks, they are responsible.


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