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5 Practices that improve body and mind to be happy

We can come to associate happiness with having a bigger house, with earning more money (that which money gives you happiness or at least helps you to achieve it, has permeated us deeply), with getting a better job, with buying a newer car or having a more spacious closet with more clothes. If we realize we usually relate being happy, most of the time with external things. However, you realize that happiness is not related to everything external that we can achieve. But it depends on oneself and how we handle our interior.

1. Let's feel the happiness of everyday moments

Happiness is in the beauty of a walk in the countryside, in the smell of morning coffee, in your nocturnal beauty ritual, when you look at the drawer of tidy sweaters, in the look of your daughter,... in all of them. those everyday moments that make you appreciate life and value those little things you do.

It is also when you finish cleaning the kitchen counter and sweeping the living room floor. Being able to appreciate it brings order and harmony to your day and connects you with the present moment.

When you understand these small actions as pleasant, even though some of them may not seem so at first glance, when you transform them into rituals, your mind understands them as important. And then your head is activated, specifically your limbic system, which is in charge of managing emotions. And what happens? Well, that begins to relate them to positive emotions that we like to do because it brings us benefits, makes us a little happier and brings us serenity.

2. Let's smile and be kind

Smiling is contagious and it's free. Change your mood just by curling your lips :). Even if you don't feel like it, practicing a smile improves the day for you and for those who look at you. Who else and who less has had bad times, either personally or at work. During one of those spells, smiling as a habit helps you get through the day better. At first it costs like any routine, but if you repeat one day and another, it comes out automatically. It is a way of taking care of your emotional well-being, something that we must take care of from the moment we set foot on the floor when we get out of bed.

Being nice is also free, but some people find it hard to be. I don't know if it's because they have to show that their life is stressful or because of whatever. But, they are in a bad mood from the moment they get up. There are many things that are not the best for the world, the immediacy with which we want everything, the aggressiveness in the treatment, the bad manners and many more. The most beautiful thing is to smile at the person in front of you and wish you a good day. Because being kind and wishing others a good day does a lot of good.

3. Take care of ourselves

It is difficult for us to put dedicating moments for ourselves on our list of daily priorities. Always, there is something that usurps the space of time that we should dedicate to ourselves. Just like in our agenda, physical or virtual, we mark the daily activities that must be done. It would be nice if those moments of self-care appeared that we should be offering ourselves. Perhaps we could think: Well, I don't think it's necessary to schedule it? But, if you don't get those moments, why not do it. Those little moments when you take care of yourself nourish you inside. In a way, thinking about taking care of yourself makes you feel guilty in some way, because it seems that you are being selfish by spending time on yourself. However, the better you are inside, the more of you you can give to those around you.

4. Let's be grateful for everything we have

To be happy we cannot focus on what we lack but on what we have. Because the truth is if you focus on what you don't have you will never have enough. This society leads us to be in a continuous race to achieve, to achieve, to have... Focusing on what you lack makes you unhappy, like looking at the past and waiting for what you lack. the future holds, makes you lose sight of the present moment. Let's be grateful every day for everything we have.

5. Let's be our best friend

I think that in general we demand ourselves and ask too much of ourselves. Surely, it is because we think that we have to continually demonstrate how much we are worth, what we can do with everything or that our capacity for work is great. We have to listen to each other and, above all, be understanding with ourselves.

Let's become our best friends in the one who listens to me better, understands me better, teaches me to relax, tells me to breathe easy when we get anxious, we must also be ourselves apart from another external person.

Every day we have to spend a little time thinking about our things, about our emotions. We must gradually practice self-knowledge to know what is going through our heads and hearts. What matters to me and what doesn't, what hurts, what annoys, what worries... All this information helps us understand each other and become aware of the moment we are living. It helps us relativize and live life more coherently. It helps us to be coherent with what we feel, with what we think, with what we do. Self-knowledge will make us live life with greater satisfaction to continue growing as a person and feel proud of ourselves.

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