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Walking and running are two of the most complete exercises for health, and although for many it is often difficult to leave the house to do them, with an electric treadmill, there is no valid excuse.

The electric treadmill is one of the sports fitness accessories with many advantages, it is not only easy to store but you can organize your time to do exercises at home, have healthy habits and improve physically and mentally. Next, we mention the 8 most relevant benefits of using the electric treadmill as part of your exercise routine at home, at least 40 minutes.

Among the advantages are:

- You strengthen your legs, you increase their strength due to the physical effort you apply, either because you walk or run on the treadmill.

- You lose weight: In 30 minutes at an average speed, you can burn about 140 calories. If you do this exercise between 2 and 3 times a week, the weight loss will be more and more effective.

- The weather is irrelevant, when you exercise at home, it does not matter if it is raining or sunny; the important thing is to meet your goals regardless of what happens outside.

- You carry the kilometers. You can count your own mileage and set goals to exceed them every few days.

- You can do other activities. There is no risk of accidents, as would happen if you run or walk through the city, where wearing headphones would disconnect you from the world, and it is not entirely recommended. While using the electric treadmill at home, you can listen to music or watch TV, and we assure you that you will not realize all the kilometers you will travel.

- You sleep better, exercise gives you better rest, better mental health and mood. Also, increase your energy from early in the morning, since this exercise helps your lungs and heart and oxygenates your body.

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