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Cabinets: Take advantage of your spaces!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


1. Shelves to the top of the wall: If space is limited in closets or storage cabinets, install shelves to keep items you frequently occupy close at hand. Place them as high as possible, it can be in rows, to take better advantage of the walls of your house.

2. Ceilings with functionality: Install a support on the ceiling of your kitchen where you can hang all those utensils that are very obtrusive or that you want to always have at hand. Similarly, you can apply this recommendation in the laundry room if you need more space to dry your clothes.

3. Adjust the space under the stairs: Before remodeling this area, focus on your needs to decide what functionality to give it, since this corner can be designated different uses such as: a mini study, a storage area, a cellar or the house for your pet.

4. Built-in furniture increase the height of the furniture to get more space at the bottom.

This extra space can work to store some objects or, failing that, it will allow you to clean the floor more easily.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can finish today!!!


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