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Wooden fences are commonly used to delimit spaces. And they not only provide security but also aesthetics and design on the outside of the home. A house with a garden will surely have or need a fence.

Specialists suggest choosing it according to the layout of the house. Anyway, the wooden ones go very well with all the styles, and they can also be colored. Its main advantage is its aesthetic beauty and the possibility of building it yourself and at an affordable price. The key is to choose a wood that is optimal and resistant to weather conditions such as pine, eucalyptus and incense and periodically maintain them so that they resist the elements.

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A classic fence is made up of a set of wooden planks or stakes, placed vertically, and finished in a pointed or rounded shape. The planks are nailed and joined by another set of horizontal boards that are nailed to the previous ones. “There are many wood options to choose from. Ideally, hardwoods, such as cultivated ones. For example, eucalyptus or pine, in both cases with treatment or impregnation that helps them to be preserved in the open, "explains Daniel Lassalle, commercial manager of the Chamber of Wood (Cadamda) and adds:" The stakes that must be buried in the earth. In addition to the treatment for the elements, they must be painted with asphalt paint that will significantly help their performance and useful life under the ground”.

Another of the woods that can be chosen is incense, which is ideal to be outdoors and, also, due to its quality, it withstands the aggressions of the weather very well. Also due to its manufacture, it has firm fittings (they do not loosen) and a good finish, everything makes it an interesting alternative to decorate the garden or the open spaces of the home.

Regarding the design, there are low fences and others that measure more than two meters high. There are also one hundred percent closed fences, which provides greater privacy in the house.

Privacy. Fences that are more than two meters high. There are also the fences that have a more decorative function, since the design is more open. Another fact to keep in mind is that wood is very easy to paint and you can choose colors that combine with the garden and the exterior of the house.

Wooden fences are a perfect option for the garden, as this organic material integrates very well with outdoor spaces.

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