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FIVE Vayeyo's tips to keep your floor shiny

There are a large number of products on the market for cleaning and polishing floors, but not all of them satisfy our needs and some have a high cost.

In Vayeyo's we give you some homemade methods to keep the floor of your house impeccable and resplendent:

1. For tile floors you should only sweep and then mop with five liters of warm water, depending on the area to be cleaned, and a little chlorinated water. Then you should dry it with a cotton mop.

2. The ideal thing for the ceramic floor is to mop with lukewarm water and white vinegar (a tablespoon of vinegar for each liter of water). Dry with a cloth dampened in floor wax and finally wipe with a completely dry soft cloth.

3. To remove shoe stains from vinyl floors, it is recommended to rub with toothpaste and then mop with warm water.

4. To clean wooden floors, only vinegar should be added to the water with which the wood will be cleaned.

5. When oil falls on the floors, it is not advisable to clean it with paper, instead, you should sprinkle detergent on it and leave it to act for 5 minutes then remove it.

The ideal thing to keep a shiny floor is to clean it constantly and not let it spend too much time dirty or stained as this causes it to deteriorate over time, make it more practical and simple, using products for cleaning, such as the bucket with a drainer that prevents you from getting your hands dirty or the bucket with a multipurpose organizer to carry all the products you need.

Remember that a clean house makes a good impression about the people who inhabit it.


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