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From Chaos to Order : How Organize Your Garage Like A Pro

Categorize your belongings.

Start by sorting all the items in your garage into categories such as tools, sports equipment, and seasonal items. This will help you to identify what you have and what you need to store.

Use vertical space

Make the most of your garage's vertical space by installing shelves, hooks, and pegboards. This will allow you to store items off the floor and keep them within easy reach.

Create zones

Designate specific areas of your garage for different types of items. For example, you could have a tool area, a gardening area, and a sports equipment area

Keep a clear pat

Make sure to leave enough space in your garage to move around comfortably. This will help prevent accidents and make it easier to find what you need.

Invest in storage containers

Use storage containers with lids to protect items from dust and pests. Clear containers will make it easy to see what's inside.

Set aside time every few months to declutter your garage. Get rid of items you no longer need or use and donate or sell them if they are still in good condition.
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