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How to choose curtains for the living room

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

when we are going to decorate a space we almost always start with the most basic details, such as the colors of the walls, to choose the furniture below. Textiles are usually one of the last things we add to our spaces, but they are undoubtedly the ones that add color and personality to spaces. In this case we are going to see how to choose curtains for the room, since there are various models and ideas for this important detail.

If you want to buy your curtains for the living room now, then you should get some inspiration. It is important to be clear about what type of curtains we want to have in our room in order to refine the search. So we give you some simple keys to choose them.

Why chooses curtains

The curtains dress our windows and offer us some privacy in front of outside gazes. Although we have an isolated house, the curtains always give us the feeling of covering the room. In addition, this textile can help us decorate by covering structural elements such as windows. The feeling of warmth is greater if we have beautiful curtains. In addition, depending on the type of curtain, we can regulate the amount of light that we let pass, so they always have a function that is practical and another that is decorative.

Combine the curtains.

The curtains are usually textiles that help decorate the spaces and to create a harmony in the room we must learn to combine them. That is why we have to know how to do it. One of the best ideas is to choose neutral tones for walls and furniture. Splashes of color can be added with textiles. Choose some nice curtains and some cushions or tablecloths that go well with one of the shades of the curtain. This will create the feeling of continuity between the textiles, with a decoration that is totally pleasing to the eye.

Neutral shades.

This is undoubtedly the simplest solution when choosing curtains. If we choose a light shade, we will have the advantage that we will let much more light pass through, so we will create much more open spaces. This is perfect for small rooms with little natural light.

Another advantage of neutral tones is that they do not go out of style and work well with almost any color, whatever it may be. In this way we can change some details in the decoration without having to worry about changing the curtains. Neutral tones are those that combine with everything, such as white, beige or gray.

Vivid tones.

If we choose the bright tones, we will have curtains full of personality, but they will certainly be more difficult to combine. If we consider the season, then we can choose more muted tones for winter, such as tile color, dark green or garnet. During spring we can choose a yellow or green. In the summer the blue and coral tones are ideal.

These more intense tones can remove light from spaces. That is why they are suitable for areas where there is plenty of natural light and wide spaces. In addition, we can choose strong colors but in curtains that are not very thick, so that they also let light through.

The prints.

Patterned curtains can also be a hit. The patterns today are very varied. From the most classic floral patterns to chic patterns inspired by the Baroque style, simple patterns of stripes or moles and all kinds of motifs. Choosing this type of curtains is certainly risky, because this pattern will take on a lot of prominence, but they can undoubtedly give our living room a lot of charm.

If we choose patterned curtains, we must take into account that the rest of the decoration will have to be quite simple. Use smooth tones on the walls, avoid patterned wallpaper and cushions with complicated patterns. Yes, some mixtures are carried, such as stripes and moles, but it is not necessary to risk excessively, since the recharged environments are not carried.

Choose the type of curtain.

Floor-length curtains are the most used in the room. Years ago curtains that went from one side of the wall to the other were used, but these curtains are too heavy today. Nowadays only those that cover the window area are chosen. It is important to always measure the spaces before buying the curtains, since many already have standard sizes but these may not adapt to our spaces.

Although we like classic fabric curtains, today there are other great options. One of the most popular and novel are the Japanese panels. These panels are strips of fabric in the form of vertical panels that are hidden in parallel, one behind the other.


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