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How to keep your kitchen shiny!

1. Use specific products for each surface: it is essential to have specific products at home and use them properly. Today there are specific products for glass-ceramic, for stainless steel, for quartz countertops or for taps. Its use is key for the correct maintenance of our kitchen.

2. Use disinfectants for work surfaces: for hygiene reasons, it is essential to disinfect work surfaces and what we use the most, such as benches, tables, sinks, etc ...

3. For lacquered, wooden, laminate or synthetic kitchen fronts: cleaning products that are aggressive or abrasive should always be avoided. Similarly, we must also avoid rags or scourers that are too rough or hard, as they could damage them. Nitro-based or synthetic resin-based cleaners are also not recommended.

4. Each type of countertop takes its own care: on the subject of countertops it is very important to be clear about what type of countertop we have and what products are the most suitable to use with it. For laminate countertops we can use common detergents without abrasive particles. It is important to use warm water (to avoid streaks) and to dry well. On the other hand, stone or granite countertops are porous, so we must from time to time impregnate them with a product that is impervious to water and oil.

5. The wood must be cleaned with water and wax to waterproof: drying quickly and thoroughly. Finally, glass can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner.

6. It is important to clean the upper part of the furniture: an area where you will find a large amount of grease and dust. A simple trick is to place newspaper over this area, to remove it when we do the cleaning and thus take most of the dirt with us. Always finish by drying all surfaces with a 100% cotton cloth, as they are the most suitable for all surfaces.


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