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How to take care of a wooden floor!

LITTLE WATER. Wood is a natural material that swells when it absorbs water and shrinks when it dries. Therefore never use too much water. Always use a specific product to clean parquet and parquet.
AVOID HEELS. Heels can leave marks on the wood by putting too much pressure on a particular point.
Use felt chair and table protectors and furniture protectors to prevent scratches or dents when furniture is dragged. Put mats in the doors with the highest traffic, and always in the access door of the street, to collect the grit stuck in the footwear, and that this does not act like sandpaper when walking on the ground. In Asian countries, they do not usually have this problem given their culture and habit of taking off their shoes inside the houses.
VACUUM OR SWEEP REGULARLY. For daily cleaning or when necessary a dust cloth is recommended to collect lint, hair, dust, allergens and dirt.
Wipe up accidental water or liquid spills as soon as possible.
USE MATS. Use larger rugs in public places with more traffic.
AND FINALLY: Renew your parquet or flooring with a specific product to restore the gloss and shine to the varnish, in addition to providing it with extra protection, considerably extending the useful life of the floor.


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