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Ideas to decorate children's bedrooms

That your children love their room is priceless, so we want to tell you what are the best ideas for decorating children's bedrooms.

high beds

High beds or cabins are special for rooms with small space. In some children's rooms it is used with a double function: to sleep and as a play space. They go far beyond their usefulness, as they are part of the decorative space of the bedroom. It is one of the best solutions if you have a small house and have two or three children. Depending on the layout of the room, up to three beds can be located. The most important thing is to give the bedroom dynamism by combining cabins with versatile furniture such as shelves and desks, and you can even be more creative and create a fort or a decorative bridge.

patterned walls

The walls are part of the bedroom setting and play an important role in the sensory stimulation and creativity of children at an early age.

We show you two ways to achieve it.

1.- murals

The protagonists here are the wallpapers. One of the most used decorative objects are murals with animals or landscapes, they can show a certain personality of your child and combine with the themes you want to achieve. Opt for one of these, remember to combine it with neutral colors such as white so that the piece does not lose prominence. Even if your child is already a little older, the murals do not lose their validity. Use papers with geometric figures such as circles. Also combine them with straight lines to give it other types of finishes. Do not forget to put accessories that attract attention such as teepees.

2.- Light colors

Light colors are special for your children's rooms since they represent a trending color for both girls' and boys' rooms. They are excellent to combine with elements such as decorative lamps that illuminate the lesser-known corners of the room. If you have a girl you can decorate her room with pastel colors such as pink, purple or lilac, and for boys you can use a natural green, blue or orange color. Never use black to decorate your children's bedroom, as it can dull the environment and have negative effects on their emotional stability.


Another quite original tip that you can use in your children's room is to decorate a wall with a blackboard or board. Clearly, in addition to being a decorative element, it is also a stimulating object for the child. It highly encourages the artistic activity of infants and their most creative side. Combine them with wooden tables, chairs and organizing boxes. Even if they grow up, the blackboard will be a functional piece for study or work. This is not an exclusive element of any particular age. In fact, there are some spaces in adult rooms where the blackboard is part of the decoration and has a specific intention. Another way to combine it if you decide to put it on the whole wall is with some decorations such as drawings of trees or animals.


There is a rather interesting way to combine the shelves with the walls. You need to have a wooden one with soft colors and put it near a patterned background, this way you can mix the objects that will go with it like baskets or some children's books. If your son is much older, choose to have a white wooden floor shelf in which he can put his books and even precious toys. But if you have a son who is much more developed, one of the best ways to combine shelves in his bedroom is by placing them high or attached to the wall, in this way it will look much more stylish and modern. Some come in the shape of an "s" or a "c".

play space

The true reality is that every house should have a unique space dedicated to games. Every house should have a play area. This is one of the most important spaces for your children, since they will spend most of their time here while they grow up. The first and most important thing is that this place has a specific theme with which your child feels identified to develop freely. Do not forget to put storage drawers or trunks, since it is also important that your children do not have a visually contaminated space. Add colored rugs to give it a more fun touch

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