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Repair cracks in deteriorated walls

Cracks make our walls look neglected and in poor condition, hence the importance of properly repairing them. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can, through a series of simple steps, carry out this task.

When we decide to renovate our environments, painting the walls is one of the first tasks we decide to carry out. However, before choosing the color and type of paint, it is necessary to verify the state of the surfaces.

There may be cracks, bumps, holes and other flaws that must be properly treated so that they do not spoil the final work. The treatment will depend on several factors, one is the size of the fissure, another is the type of surface in question.

One of the most common options for fixing small cracks is caulk or filling paste. This product is specially prepared to be applied directly on the cleft. It is also possible to get it in powder form. Most of these types of products do not take long to dry. In case the crack is very deep, the paste should be applied in successive layers to avoid its breakage. As a post-drying step, it must be carefully sanded with fine sandpaper to obtain a neat result.

When dealing with longer cracks, crack filler putty can also be used, or if not, fiberglass strips. These bands are placed with the appropriate binder on the surfaces but there are also the self-adhesive ones. Flashing bands are a bit more expensive than putty but are easier to apply. One of its advantages is that it does not allow the crack to reopen once the paint has dried.

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