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Importance of taking care of your Wooden Ceilings

Did you know that humidity, insects or sunlight are enemies of any wooden element you have in your house. But with proper treatment and periodic maintenance, you can extend the life of this material, giving it a cozy and natural look to any room.

Whether you've chosen to put wood on your home's roof, furniture, or floor, we recommend that you be aware of factors that can cause material damage. A late reaction can cost you dearly, especially for

beams that are part of the structure.

Both in the care of parquet floors and of wooden ceilings or other objects made of this material, the main thing will be prevention to ensure that your home always looks its best and, even more importantly, has a healthy structure.

The main enemies of wood that you must keep at bay are the following:

Moisture: it can come from both inside and outside and causes the wood to swell.

Insects: protecting the roofs with pesticides is essential, otherwise termites or other types of insects will represent a great danger to the structure.

Fungi and mold: when wood is exposed unprotected to water, it can also cause mold and mildew.

Sunlight: another enemy of care is sunlight, especially when the material is outdoors.

The advice to take care of your wooden ceilings indicates that the ideal is to do the maintenance every two years, applying a new layer of varnish and protective treatments.

Working on wooden ceilings involves risks and is one of those DIY projects that is best avoided and left in the hands of experts. Consider this before getting down to business.


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