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Wood offers charm and natural color, adds elegance and beauty to your home and landscape. A decorative fence complements the architecture of your home, and enhances a beautiful landscape or garden.

You can count on years of protection, privacy, and value for money. The beauty of wood is the main reason for selecting it as your cladding material.

Fundamental points to keep in mind when making a wooden fence:

1. Your wooden fence should be beautifully designed. It must be made of optimal materials.

2. It must be installed correctly.

3. It must be resistant to both insects and inclement weather.

4. It must be safe for people and the environment.

How to maintain them?

1. Avoid Vines

2. Don’t Hang Items

3. Repaint Every Two Years

4. Point Sprinklers Away

5. Regularly Clean Your Fence

6. Stay on Top of Minor Issues


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