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Optimization of our Garage

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Our garage has long been just the place to protect our vehicle, but the reality is that one of the most versatile places in our home, perfect for family activities. Store decorative objects, tools, and many other things.

Now taking into account the importance of making the most of our available space, let's divide this space into three sections: ceiling, walls and floor. Finding the best way to maximize the use of these areas.


Normally the roof is an exclusive place for the lights and motors of the garage door, but the reality is that it has a fairly wide storage potential using the right product such as an Overhead Storage Rack

Generally they have dimensions of 4ft x 8ft and capacity of up to 700 pounds and multiple of them can be combined along the edge, in the center or forming an L-shape, it is recommended to store seasonal items as it is not an easy place access, but special to free up closet space and store them in an orderly and safe way.


They are obviously where we can use the largest number of items available on the market such as cabinets, tool bars, hooks, folding tables, but there are those leading products for excellence and quality.


These are par excellence the best storage place for our garage, having a wide variety of sizes, materials, and finishes to give a special touch to our walls.

We can combine the sizes and spaces between them to create perfect workstations with the different tools at hand, taking advantage of each space such as the bottom of the wall cabinets to place lights, or fill the corners with Angle cabinets in greater depth.

Slatwall Backsplash.

We can cover the surface of our walls to measure and convenience with this fabulous product and in a quick and versatile way we will have total control of our walls to hang almost anything from ladders, brooms, rakes, bicycles, hoses, and there are even accessories to store tools and everything you can imagine.We will eliminate the problem of drilling into the wall every time our needs change.


It is vitally important that our floor is painted with a material that facilitates cleaning, eliminates noise and gives a sensational and clear look at our garage so that it reflects light to visually amplify our space.

The selection of tables to use.

The purpose of these should be clear since there are different types of tables with different resistances and thus having the adequate one will avoid unnecessary deterioration.


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