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Playsets for Your Backyard: Make them Fun…and Safe!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

These days, home has taken on a new importance as social distancing restrictions have led to big changes in the way we live, work — and play. To help ensure your children are getting the exercise they need and the fun they deserve, a backyard playset may be just the thing.

With a wide range of standard playsets and huge collection of customizable accessories available, the possibilities for your playset are endless. But there are factors to consider before you buy, to ensure these outdoor amusements are safe for your children:

1. Determine Size, Space, and Location: The perfect sized playset will maximize fun without taking up the whole yard — and will allow for plenty of open space to play as your children grow. Best to install it in clear sight of the house for easy parental supervision, and if possible, place it in a shady corner.

2. Age Appropriateness and Safety: For example, playhouses and baby swings are great for young children, while things like trapeze bars, rock walls and cargo nets are more appropriate for older children. Setting up inappropriate equipment based on the age of your child will result in possible safety risks – or unused playsets.

3. Tower Deck Height: When looking for the best playground equipment for your children, consider how it can grow with them over the years. A playset with a deck height of at least 5’ will prevent your children from outgrowing it immediately. A taller deck (6’-9’) or multi-level deck can provide more adventure and excitement for older children, as well as younger children with close supervision.

4. Weight Restrictions: It’s also important to know the weight limit of the playset and accessories you choose. You may need a higher weight limit if you have a high volume of children (neighbor’s kids, older siblings, etc.) using the equipment or if you have a child with special needs who may need an adult present on the playset.

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