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The Power of Textures

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

When decorating your home, it is important to take into account the different textures, since touch is one of the most relaxing senses.

The power of texture, its prominence every day becomes very important in the decoration of a space in your home, office, among others, today new very interesting alternatives are being generated.

The textures present in your designs, transmit multiple sensations, in large spaces it generates the reduction of that amplitude and generates more welcoming places.

Tactile or visual textures?

The textures can be tactile or simply visual, being rough or smooth to the touch. However, the key to this concept is found in the motifs that make up the theme and its repetitions.

Soft or rough textures?

Just as choosing light or dark colors can affect the design of a room, textures do too; for example, if the textures used are soft they will give a more delicate feel, while if they tend the textures tend to be rough they will give a more rustic feeling. In this sense, a room decorated with the same colors but with different textures will feel and look different.

Many or few textures?

But textures should always be used with a certain balance, since, if we get carried away by many textures in a single room, it can be overloaded and lose harmony. In short, you have to take into account the textures to be used in your spaces to decorate, either in the furniture, floors, walls, blankets or cushions and decorative items in general, the size of the

spaces and the activity that it is practiced in the same, among others.


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