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Take everything out and selec.

Although many experts do not recommend emptying the closet to avoid piles of clothes, many other experts in order, such as Kadi from Wizard of Homes, say that it is the first step to order properly and more because the more orderly the closet, the more at peace it is. the mind.

Therefore, go separating clothes, which things are long, short, which are for daily use or more common. Also select those that are very bulky. Everything must be separated to later select again.


Racks might seem cumbersome, but we know that closets aren't the size of Beyoncé's, so we don't need more than a couple of these to tidy up less-frequently worn and accessory clothes, for example: pashminas, scarves, gloves, swimwear, hats, cap

fabric boxes

You can make the fabric boxes yourself and it is very simple or you can even get them in packages of different sizes and everything will be easier. In these other boxes you can store shirts, leggings, shorts, thin but long blouses. You can roll up everything that can be rolled up and accommodate it depending on how often you use it.

vertical order

Despite what can be said, it is always

better to take advantage of the vertical, because closets are usually not that wide, but they are tall. For example, use a fabric shoe rack but place it on the tube where you hang your clothes and then you will have more shelves. This will serve to place more clothes that did not have space in the previous boxes but that are also frequently used.

The vertical style also makes it easier for you to find things.

shoe rack

Shoes are probably one of the biggest problems out there. The reason? because they are in so different ways, that trying to order them becomes a whole puzzle. But don't worry, the best thing they can do is select by type of shoe and by frequency of use, like almost everything in a closet. Therefore, you will be able to go "matching" already piling with similar shapes.

Do not forget to follow the rule of what is used, aired and stored, otherwise everything will lose order.

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