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Vayeyo's Tips for choosing Interior Colours

The combination of colours can become a game, the only thing you have to decide is the tones you want, thinking about the sensations that you would like to transmit and the activities that will take place in the room. Keep in mind that some combinations can energize you, perfect for the office or fun areas, while others can relax you, perfect for the bedroom or bathroom. Now you only have to worry about the main function of the room you want to change and color it to your liking!


1. Cold colors: Greens and blues can be the perfect colors for the bedroom, both make the space a cool and relaxing place ideal for resting, reading or having big dreams. Do not forget that if you also include a little white you will gain luminosity.

2. If the room is small, it is best to choose colors that are not intense; in these cases it is always better to select cold tones than warm ones. If you want to give it a twist and paint with an accent color, or a little more striking, it is best to use it on the walls perpendicular to those with windows, so that natural light is reflected in them.

3. Bathrooms with a touch of color Brighten up your bathroom with a colorful shower curtain! They are a very economical option and will allow you to do a quick facelift in your bathroom. You can combine other textiles such as towels and bathrobes, you will get an ideal environment and a bathroom design in full color!

4. If your style is Nordic or contemporary, cool and neutral tones (blue or gray, for example) will go more for you. If you are more classic, neutrals are warm (sand is an option). If you are vintage, intense (mint green, pink, ocher ...).

5. The finish is important. If the wall you want to paint is perfectly smooth, you can choose a glossy paint. Otherwise, better mate, this way you will hide the defects.


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