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1. Hanging spaces

All bathrooms should have a place to hang towels and washcloths. It should be roomy and strong enough to support the weight of the wet fabric and allow it to dry, without a musty odor.

In addition, they must be within reach of the shower or sink, taking care not to interfere with movement.

2. Storage spaces

Shelves, racks and towel racks are essential in any bathroom. Because they help save space and put order in all the products that are usually stored in the bathroom.

Make sure that these spaces are accessible and that they allow you to

organize and make the most of the space.

3. Spaces for everyone

Generally, bathrooms are a space shared by many people, which is why it is so important that everyone has a place for them. Have enough space to store each family member's toothbrushes and other utensils.

Remember that soap dishes and brush holders are perfect to save and maximize space.

4. Details that matter

Currently there are hundreds of pieces and accessories for the bathroom that, in addition to being functional, can be the perfect complement to the decoration.

While a bathroom can work with only the basics, it never hurts to bet on quality and esthetics.


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