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VAYEYO TIPS: Advantages of using Gazebo

1. They allow to reduce the impact of solar radiation. Not only to create shade in the garden, but also to protect the walls from overheating and prevent the temperature rise inside. This is achieved by redirecting the sun's rays with an awning so that they do not affect the walls.

2. They help maintain the external furniture. If the pergola is covered by an awning, hurdle, etc. It will reduce the humidity of the rain and the sun that reach the furniture placed outside. In this way they will be preserved for a longer time.

3. They are useful for growing outdoor plants. These structures are ideal for growing climbing or creeping species.

4. They give privacy. The roof of the pergola protects the one under it from the prying eyes of the neighbors.

5. They bring elegance. They are becoming a very widespread decorative element among houses with gardens.


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