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Vintage Style

The vintage style is based on the decoration that has original pieces from the decades that go from approximately the 40's to the 80's of the last century. However, the retro style makes it easier for us since it is not necessary that the pieces we decorate are original, it is enough with furniture, textiles and details that are inspired by the aesthetics of the past, which expands the decorative possibilities.

What characterizes this style of decoration are the references to the past, which is why it is known as ¨retro¨ or it is confused with shabby chic decoration, even with the rustic style, it is worth mentioning that each decoration of these have styles unique, even more retro, but let's see what cheap and simple vintage decoration is all about.

To know how to decorate with vintage style, we advise you:

1. Use wallcovering and vintage colors.

2. Vintage wallpaper.

3. Illumination with vintage lamps.

4. Windows, curtains, vintage objects and accessories.

5. Select the necessary furniture with that old touch that we have already talked about.

6. Mix textures.

Dare yourself!


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