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Customs of the New Year's celebration

The New Year is celebrated throughout the country on a grand scale as, although all states have some regional tradition, they share similar traditions that are repeated throughout the country. You are about to see in what ways the New Year is celebrated in the USA so you can join the celebration:

Kiss the couple at 00:00
There is no place in the United States where the couple is not kissed when the clock joins its hands at 00:00 on January 1. It is a tradition that began hundreds of years ago thanks to an English / German belief that says that the luck that one will have in the new year is determined with whom the person meets just when the bells of the new year ring.

This belief makes people decide to see their partners as the first person, which also indicates that everything will go well with them during that year, thus reinforcing the romantic union.
Watch the Times Square balloon drop
It is a deeply ingrained tradition in the American people and especially in New Yorkers. It consists of the descent of a sphere made of changing materials every year by a 21 meter pole, it is released when the clock reaches 00:00 hours and its total descent indicates the beginning of the new year.
The descent is accompanied by a large number of fireworks, light effects and music at high volume, an experience worth living at least once in your life.

If you can't see it in person, you can also watch it live since this decline is broadcast via streaming throughout the world, it is speculated that a billion people are used to seeing the decline online.

Sing ballads and Christmas carols
Songs and Christmas carols are sung throughout the country to welcome the new year. One of the most sung is "old friend", a Scottish ballad that you will learn about later. The well-known Christmas carols are also sung throughout the month of December and during the first minutes of the new year.

Large amounts of fireworks
The United States is not the United States without an almost exaggerated number of fireworks in the sky as it approaches 00:00, during the first minute of the new year and a few minutes after. This is done to welcome the new year in style.

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