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Decorating on Valentine's Day...

The decoration on Valentine's Day is to speak of the color red and the heart as a symbol. You can combine both in infinite ways or use them independently and accompany them with a love you.

In the modern world, on Valentine's Day any red object is immediately associated with that day and therefore you can allow its use withoutthe intervention of hearts. This has the advantage that you can reuse these items after the day is over, which is not the case with hearts. Red is the most powerful of the entire color range, so you should use it sparingly. Although on Valentine's Day you can afford to abuse it a little bit, try to use it in a maximum of 3 areas of the same area and you will get an elegant decoration. Ideally, combine with two or three small touches of the same color in other areas of the room. If you opt for hearts, the risk of overdoing it is even higher, so try to be creative or fun and avoid too much sweetness ... a cushion with this motif, heart chairs or focusing on neutral colors and using natural materials will be the best choice. Of course, playing with typography or graphic resources is also very characteristic of this day, especially with terms like LOVE, XOXO (kisses), or Me + You will be the kings on this day. We hope that our suggestions and to enjoy this day!


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