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Furniture assembly services

If what you are looking for is to turn your home into a unique space, designed for you, with your preferences, that fits your needs and expresses your personality, at Vayeyo we provide excellence in furniture assembly services.

Decoration does not necessarily have to do with fashion, it has much more to do with adopting a personal style with which we feel comfortable, which is achieved by reflecting part of our personality.

Vayeyo offers a furniture assembly service which stands out for offering our clients the possibility of assembling both furniture and fixtures in a simple, comfortable, fast and economical way.

We are professionals and we provide a quality service in the assembly of furniture carried out in the shortest possible time, ensuring the ability to carry out any type of assembly service and offering the highest quality guarantees.

The assembly of home furniture stands out (bedrooms, bunk beds, cribs, beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, gazebo, treadmill, etc.), but also office furniture (desks, chairs, shelves, drawers, among other things).

Hire our services, with security and confidence!!!


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