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Have a pet friendly home!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

A new pet undoubtedly brings incomparable joy to the home, although it also implies changes to be made to ensure both its safety and that of the humans with whom it will have to live. And, in addition, making these adaptations trying to maintain the style and order of your decoration is a challenge, that is why we present some tips here.


Eliminate carpets and rugs in the access areas of your pet

With a furry friend in the house, carpets and rugs will collect hair and dander from your pet, quickly becoming a reservoir for bacteria.

The ideal ones will be floors that are easy to clean such as stoneware, porcelain, marble or wood laminates.


Re-upholster and reinforce

If the new pet will have your furniture within reach, you need to choose a good upholstery for them. Leather and imitation leather, for example, are durable options, which have the advantages of being easy to clean, and not absorbing odours. Also remember that light dark colors will be more difficult to keep clean than dark colors.

Another option is washable covers made of synthetic materials. There are for sofas of different shapes and sizes, as well as for chairs.


Make your home safe for the new inhabitant

The first thing your home needs to be "friendly" to your new pet is security. To do this, you need to remove from your reach any product that puts you at risk, such as: cleaning chemicals, toxic products, medicines, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. There are also plants and flowers that can be poisonous to animals, so take the time to research the plants you currently have to make sure none are.

Another important aspect if your home is at a height is to prevent cats and small dogs from jumping out of the windows. For that, install mosquito nets on them. If the place is open, you can put a high fence or a wall around the garden.

As for the trash can, it is best to have a pedal that your pet cannot open.


Create a space for your basic needs

Your pet will need a small space for its food bowl, which you must ensure is at a suitable height for the animal.

A space to sleep (and here it is important to find a place with a comfortable temperature most of the time and free of strong odors)

A space to play: remember that a pet entertained with its own games and toys will do less mischief such as damaging your furniture

A space to relieve yourself, which should ideally be an area where no people pass by. And on this last point, remember to collect your pet's feces daily, and then clean and sanitize the place, for everyone's health safety.

You can delimit an entire area or enable several spaces for each of these aspects, but it is important that they are fully identifiable for your pet. So your house will also look more clean and tidy.

Finally, for responsible ownership, do not forget to play with your pet at least 20 minutes a day. With these simple steps, you can have a pet-friendly home quickly and without large investments. And now yes, welcome a new member of the family!

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