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Some very good ideas to decorate the exterior of your house at Christmas!!

Outdoor Christmas decoration is one of the Christmas customs that most transports us to that feeling of living in a fairy tale. The lights, the decorations, the colors... Everything becomes magical at Christmas!

Walking in the middle of winter and seeing the outside of houses decorated for Christmas always produces a feeling of joy, a desire to share and hospitality.

No matter the budget, the spirit of Christmas teaches us from a very young age that everything in life is a gift, and any detail with which you decorate the exterior of your house at Christmas will be part of everyone's Christmas spirit.

Let's enjoy looking at some ideas for outdoor Christmas decoration:

Outdoor Christmas tree decoration.

A beautiful Christmas tree not only inside, but also outside the house, is one of the pieces that will most elevate the Christmas spirit of our home and the streets of the city.

Classic or traditional outdoor Christmas tree decoration.

For the most classic, decorating the Christmas tree with typical traditional Christmas decorations is always a very successful option. Red is the star color for outdoor decorations, since they stand out more in the environment, but you can also opt for more discreet or even multicolored styles.

You can also place a wicker basket with a red blanket or a wooden cart with decorative elements under the tree, to create that atmosphere of abundance and happiness.

Outdoor Christmas tree decoration with lights.

Surely turning on the Christmas tree lights at night is one of the things that stands out the most in outdoor Christmas decoration.

Decorating the tree with Christmas lights is a simple option that will be very elegant and will bring light and Christmas spirit to our home.

Exterior Christmas window decorations.

The windows of the houses at Christmas are dressed in lights and colors, attracting the attention of children and adults.

Decorating the windows with decorative vinyl or artificial snow is a task that, in addition to being creative and fun, looks great in our home's Christmas decoration set, since it dresses up the windows a lot.

Decorative garlands on the window frame are also a strong point in window decoration at Christmas. From a simple golden or brightly colored tinsel to more elaborate garlands with cones, plants and Christmas balls.

If the entire window frame is too striking or you don't have easy access to place it, a garland of colored pennants or cones decorated with artificial snow tied to a jute rope will be very current and Christmassy.

Exterior Christmas decoration for facades

If you have a business and you are thinking of exterior Christmas decoration ideas for facades, you can use the display case to attract your customers while transmitting a beautiful Christmas message. To do this, you can use a white glass marker that is easily erased afterwards.

You can also use fruit boxes or wooden pallets (pallets) to place outside a pot with a small Christmas tree and some Christmas lights or decorations.

A Christmas stocking on the door handle is also a detail that will bring warmth to the facade of your house or store.

Home outdoor Christmas decoration: balcony, patio, garden.

The outdoor Christmas decoration for the garden, patios and balconies is highly influenced by the outdoor Christmas decoration in the United States, where these dates are lived in a big way, how could it be otherwise.

In addition to the outdoor Christmas tree and the garlands on the windows, there are many ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations:

Decorate the plants.

Whether or not you have an outdoor Christmas tree, if you have plants on the balcony, patio or garden, you can dress them up for a party. Put a simple red bow in the pot, and the atmosphere will change completely!

You can also add ornaments of your favorite color to the most resistant plants. But remember not to overload them too much so as not to cause them damage.

If your plants aren't big enough to put any light on, you can get LED lights that are driven into the ground and charged by sunlight. These will provide a bright touch that you can also use all year round.

Outdoor Christmas Lights.

Use special outdoor LED lights, so they don't get damaged.

If you have an entrance patio with stairs to the door or columns, some garlands of lights either around the handrails or the columns will be beautiful. If the surrounding plants have some light or are decorated, you will have a postcard entry.

Outdoor Christmas decoration with Christmas lights is not only allowed, lights are a fundamental part of Christmas!

On the balcony railing, on the patio wall making the shape of a tree or cascading down the garden pergola. The lights always look good and also with very little they dress the place completely, in a magical way.

An idea that you can continue using throughout the year to give warmth and style to your evenings in the garden, is to buy some large lamps in which to place a candle that is protected from the wind behind the glass of the oil lamp.

Two lamps or lanterns at the entrance are ideal. You can also do the same in a smaller size for the outdoor table or to hang on the pergola or balcony.

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